There is an original design

and order by which we are to represent, live and flow in the kingdom of God. Bret Wade lives his life as a visionary leader with decades of experience as an entrepreneur and minister. He leads others out of the knowledge and experience acquired firsthand in his journey.

Bret was raised up in ministry and further developed through each major transition with the mentoring of spiritual fathers. He has a keen personal insight into the process and preparation for success as a protégé. After serving successfully as a true son in the ministry (Timothy) and now being a proven spiritual father (Paul) himself, he is able to assist in guiding and training by providing insight. Whether you’re up and coming or experienced and established, Bret enables greater effectiveness to ensure advancement and success.

As an entrepreneur and minister,

Bret has walked through the process of establishing and building many times. The spiritual principles, processes and ethics are the same for business and ministry.

Success in moving forward is a matter of having an accurate perspective. Do we have the correct mindsets? Mindsets either hold us back or provide forward advancing.

Are we aware that the Lord is speaking to us? Do we know how to respond? Do we see what is next? Do we recognize the opportunity being presented to us or see what appears to be an obstacle? Do we see directional adjustments as opposition? What does process look like and what is the resulting outcome?


When things don’t make sense or strategy is needed, Bret is able to reveal where you are, why and how to respond. He instinctively sees principles, process, patterns and purpose and will bring them to light in your experience.

As a consultant, Bret interacts in person with qualifying individuals, couples, teams and groups providing opportunities for development, guidance and assistance through webinars, teleseminars, workshops, conferences, discussions and call packages. Through prophetic insight, his focus is to reveal what needs to be seen and understood for your next step and to accurately position yourself for the future.


“Each time that you shared it was fresh insight to realize that I was going from general to more specific details from the Lord. It seemed like the stream was drying up and God was moving me to my next destination. Thanks for speaking and through it I was able to realize that I really was hearing from the Lord…”

Scott Baker, Israel

“I was so delighted to listen to your broadcast. I felt that my spirit was being ignited to expectancy for what God is doing as He positions me for flowing in my design. Listening to you today lead me to a deeper embrace of what He showed me. Thank you for walking in design.”

E. Vivienne Anderson, New York, USA