Life Messages

Identity, Design, Process & Purpose

Your identity is within you. Your design is with you. Your purpose is within you. It’s all been written upon your heart by the hand of God. Your life is speaking to you. From divine processing to the spiritual migrations made through quantum leaps, gaining clarity of inherent gifting is achieved through insight and recognition.

Bret empowers others in the purpose for which they were created, daily living a life of design and purpose to fulfill the destiny of God for their lives. Releasing Heaven's impact in every facet of life is achieved through clarifying identity, design, process and purpose.

“The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” Proverbs 20:5

Spiritual Reality - Accuracy & Alignment

Getting to the heart. Discovering the true essence of faith in Christ is essential. Most who are seeking spiritual reality are seeking depth and substance. There comes a time when anything presented is tested in the real world and found to be superficial, it will provoke us to either walk away or dig. We need to walk away from the superficial and dig for those things hidden for us. As we dig, we discover the answers we’ve been looking for in simplicity. Without all the complexity to cloud our eyes, it becomes clearer what the Lord intended from the very beginning. Real relationship. It’s simple things simply done.

Accuracy and aligning with divine design allows us to live real world application. What works? Do it. The kingdom of God manifests when we apply the principles in simplicity. Proper thinking causes our lives to become whole as we see things clearly. Our hearts are healed. Deliverance comes. We live free as we discover the Truth. Bret teaches how to live face to face with God revealing the glory for a transformed life. We experience the presence of God as we become more conscious living in the “now”.

“…Christ Himself is that reality.” Colossians 2:17

Kingdom Culture & Lifestyle

We’ve been given an all-inclusive life. We have access to everything we need to live this life empowered in the natural and spiritual. We’re designed to live from the King’s righteousness within us into the earth. Our design is presence and principle. Institutional mentality has us living from outside looking in. Why not live what is ours from inside looking out? Mind. Character. Spirit. Culture. Lifestyle.

Bret teaches Authentic Christianity. He communicates personal strengths developed over several decades of his life; his daily walk with Holy Spirit; his journey of living from the continual voice of God, proving and walking out His directives with steadfastness; living the transformed life of breakthrough filled with divine favor and the miraculous.

“…by his power he has given us everything necessary for life and righteousness, through the knowledge of him who has been our guide by his glory and virtue” 2 Peter 1:3

Personal Spiritual Development

Engagement is primary. The more we engage with Christ the greater our spiritual hunger becomes. He becomes very real to us. We then want to know Him more. We begin expecting the depth that He is drawing us into with Him. He goes before us and draws us to Himself. Follow Him letting nothing else supersede His call.

We live from the spirit outward into every other area of our life influencing us mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Without this foundation nothing else is in order for success. Success is in our obedience. We have to be true to our design.

Bret builds people by teaching them with transparency and practical insight. He develops the leadership quality within individuals. He teaches effective command over every facet of their lives and the realms of influence they’ve been given responsibility to keep free of oppression and positively charged.

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” Psalms 42:7

“I know God used you to clarify and settle me deeper on His path for my journey. I receive the "shift" that came in our session. Beyond the victory I received, the authentic personal connection I experienced with you was very uplifting and refreshing!”

Jamie Tougas, California, USA

“Thanks for the two great sessions you’ve given us, Bret. I’ve certainly had an increase in revelation since the one you did with me, especially in my ability to step back, and keep backing up, in order to see the bigger perspective. Priceless.”

Craig & Janet Mathewson, New Zealand