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I’d like to invite you to join me on social media. This posts below are recent statuses posted on social media. If you’d like to read more, please go to Facebook. Below are a few recent posts.


I made a decision to learn from others’ mistakes when I was eighteen years old. After thirty-six years, I’m still striving to be attentive and not become careless in learning. No matter their age, gender or position in life my teachers are all around me. None of us are void of experiencing difficult situations in life. How we handle them is what matters.

I’ve watched high profile church leaders over the years under the scrutiny of the public’s eye who tried to hide the difficulties they were experiencing. They thought that they needed to present themselves as if they never had a problem due to living the teachings that they taught, the sermons they preached or the books they wrote. The facade eventually fails. The delusion eventually fades. Reality sets in. None are exempt.

As a leader I’ve had to learn not to judge others for theirs. Sometimes my lessons came the hard way. I’m sure we all experience that in life. When we judge, it opens the door for humbling of the same nature.

Be correctable and remain flexible. Hold things loosely. Hold God tightly. Learn quickly.

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This is a touchy subject and easily misunderstood depending upon your vantage point in life. Please understand I’m not advocating rebellion or pointing fingers. We need to discover the grace of God and not fear it.

Dogmatic teachings regarding the Christian life are often cookie cutter one size fits all answers that when applied rigidly restrict us from seeking or adhering to the wisdom of God or His ways. Some mainstream teachings need to be reevaluated in the light of the heart of our Father. He’s not a rigid ruler demanding conformity. He’s a loving Father who wants to transform us to bring life. Jesus said that wisdom is justified by her children. In other words, wisdom’s fruit in the lives of those who follow her speaks for itself.

Never accept that you are cursed due to not following man’s dogmatic teachings on topics that favor institutions over the individual’s well-being keeping you bound in dead situations or relationships. For example, God is not against you if you don’t tithe or if you’ve experienced divorce.  Both are dogmatic teachings used to beat people up and segregate using fear and guilt. Our God is not a temperamental pagan god to appease or else suffer his wrath. He is love. We are to live from His love.

Believers in Christ need to learn that it’s okay to question the content of the teachings they hear, research and seek the wisdom of God that resonates within. We need critical thinking not sheep living legalism to suit everyone else’s conscience. Follows yours. Follow His word rightly divided. Follow His voice.

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Offense anchors us in the event that caused us to stumble. It becomes an improper fear oriented point of reference for our emotions to superimpose over reality causing overreaction.

We get stuck in that time frame. It becomes a new default standard at that moment through which every relationship, conflict, concern, decision and goal is viewed. It affects us internally in self image and confidence.

These keep us from moving forward with momentum. We become blind to their widespread effect, though we are reminded often of its presence because it speaks to us regularly as an undercurrent taking our focus.

All that has to be done is to go to the Lord and let Him help us on resetting the default to being love based. Ask Him to remove it. He is our Healer and Deliverer. It’s time to be free!

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Bret "Maverick" Wade is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and consultant. He has served twenty-five years in vocational ministry functioning in a pastoral position as a seasoned apostle with a proven prophetic gifting. As a visionary thought leader his lifestyle is pioneering transformation while creating and modeling the visual for others. Bret is a catalyst bringing divine order and breakthrough accompanied with miracles and God’s favor. His endless passion is developing visionary people as the leaders they were designed to be for the kingdom of God. Bret enjoys traveling and experiencing different countries, cultures and their cuisine. He’s an avid reader, researcher, and contemplative man of prayer. He loves spending time with his future wife and his family. Bret makes his home in Huntsville, Alabama in the Southeastern U.S.A.

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